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Nice Nurse


Meet Our Staff

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Michele Gomez-Leffall BLSI ACLSI ADN

Founder/Lead Instructor


Dionnedra Northern FNP

Allied Health Instructor


Alexus Smith NRCMA

Office Manager/ Registration Representative


William Smith NRCMA

CPR Instructor


Lee Govan NRCMA

CPR Instructor


Kennedy Steele NRCMA

CPR Instructor


MacKensi Thomas NRCMA

Allied Health Instructor


Alicia Johnson LVN BLSI

Why Choose Us

  • Our Curriculum
    Our Hybrid program allows our students the opportunity to gain real hands on experience, that they can apply in new career or current job. Our curriculum is created and taught by professional's in the field of study our students are working towards. 

  • Flexible Schedule
    We provide a flexible full time and part time schedule. Student also have online instruction and assignments to give them more flexibility with their job and family situation. You can complete your course in as little as 2 to 20 weeks online and in-person.


  • Affordable Tuition
    Our tuition is affordable and we provide several different options such as payment plans, financing and tuition assistance opportunities for those who qualify. 


  • Instructor Support
    Our instructors are qualified and available for all of our students needs. 

If you are looking to jump start you career and education but you keep running into obstacles, We are here to assist you. We recognize the day to day struggle and responsibilities that the young adult and working parents experience. Our staff and programs help you succeed and provide you with the education and support to make your dreams come true. 

Allied Health Instructor

Lateasha Pippens

Medical Assistant

Phlebotomist Technician

EKG Technician

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