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Payment Plans, Tuition Assistance and Scholarship Opportunities

Your education is of the utmost importance to us. When it comes to financial aid, we offer several options to make sure a new career is within your reach. We partner with a variety of companies that will help our students with their tuition and fees. 

Patient and Nurse

Payment Plans


At Absolute Allied Health Academy, we understand that each student's financial situation is unique, and for that reason we have partnered with Mia Share to offer payment plans. With Mia Share, Students may pay for their tuition over time with a weekly or monthly payment plan.

Click here for affordable payment plan options

Before Surgery

WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Grant

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions offers young adults and adults opportunities that support, motivate and prepare for continuing educational achievements, successful transition into adulthood and long-term success in employment.

To see if you qualify, please click the link below

Medical Specialists
Doctor's Appointment
Doctor's Appointment

Sponsorships Available

We strive to find funding for our students in every aspect. Private donors, nonprofits and corporations that we partner with have a lot to offer students with financial assistance and support systems. We strive to have our students in a comfortable situation while elevating their career. 

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